• 4-hour minimum required for ALL sessions.
  • Daytime Hourly rates apply to any session that ENDS by 6 pm or earlier.
  • All session start times must be between 10 am at the earliest and 11 pm at the latest.
  • Booking available by appointment only, we do not accept WALK-INS.
  • Bookings must be made a minimum of 4 hours in advance, but to ensure room and engineer availability it is recommended to book your sessions about 3-5 days in advance.
  • Sessions are not considered BOOKED until deposit is made or PO received.
  • Sessions are billed from the officially booked start time, not from when clients arrive.  If you arrive an hour late, that does not mean you will be able to run an hour past the session end time at no extra charge.


  • We do not give refunds on studio time booked, but will instead credit you for future bookings.
  • Sessions canceled within 24-hours before the officially booked start time will be credited and will be able to be re-booked at any available future time without any penalty.
  • Sessions canceled in less than 24-hours before the officially booked start time will forfeit a 50% deposit.


  • All bookings are prepaid in full.
  • Major label PO‘s accepted.
  • We accept cashPayPal, and credit cards by phone (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
  • Please note that due to recent fraudulent activity,  credit cards by phone will need to be confirmed at the beginning of sessions.  We will need to see the credit card in person, along with the driver’s license of the owner, and obtain a signature accepting the charges.  The owner of the credit card must be present.

Book The Songwriter’s Suite
$150 per 4-Hour Block